We’re taking our community to a higher level of fitness, health and well-being!

Valley Fitness Centre is owned and operated by the Valley Fitness Society. The Society is a registered non-profit organization. VFC is the only indoor fitness facility in the greater Invermere area. Our qualified staff is accredited by the British Columbia Parks & Recreation Association.

In 1984, the facility built by the Invermere Inn opened, and was operated by private contractors until 1987. The Valley Fitness Society was formed in 1987, and registered in 1988. The Society leased the facility from the Invermere Inn until 1994 when it purchased the facility through a combination of a mortgage, government grant and debentures. By 2001, the mortgage was repaid; by 2005, outstanding debentures were repaid as well.

What “non-profit” means for you: all profits earned are put right back into improvements to VFC. We want to keep our members happy and coming back for years to come! As a non-profit organization, we welcome grants and private donations to purchase new equipment, and make other improvements to our Centre.

DSC_8645Georgina DuBois Studio

 Our studio was renamed the Georgina Dubois Studio in 2012.  Georgina DuBois was born on March 18th, 1942 in Ontario and resided in Windermere from 1951.  Georgina was one of the founding Mothers of the Valley Fitness Society and worked for many years as the Manager of the centre.  Georgina also served on the board of directors and volunteered countless hours of her time towards the improvement and success of the VFC.  Without her tireless input the Valley Fitness Centre would not be here.  Her familiar face in the classes, amazing sense of spirit and vitality will be very much missed as we continue to remember Georgina.

Georgina Nyline DuBois

March 18th 1942 – October 31, 2012

DSC_8197Georgina DuBois Studio


Celebration of Life – Georgina – by Kyla Brown photography
http://www.kylabrownphotography.com/ – (click on photo to go here)

Our Family Room has space for young children to play while you workout.  The room has a treadmill, spin bike, weights, elliptical machine and strength equipment. You can plug in your ipod with your tunes to get you motivated!     Please register children who will be using the room at the front desk.  


The staff, classes, and instructors, are excellent. A huge thank you to everyone. You are improving our lives, one class, one visit, at a time. I recommend this facility to everyone.