All VFC memberships include full access of the VFC facilities including Weight Room and Cardio section, ALL our Classes, Women Only Room and Change Room facilities.

What should I Bring?

  1. Workout Shoes: We ask all members and visitors to the centre to take their street shoes off in the designated area upon entry.
  2. A water bottle: Keep hydrated during your workout (there is a complimentary water dispenser at VFC, but you need to bring your own cup or bottle).
  3. For Strength Training: A watch to time your rest breaks or sets, weight training gloves, and a pen and paper to record your progress from one workout to the next.
  4. For Cardio training: Some members find a heart rate monitor (HRM) a beneficial training friend. There is a television in the cardio area that can be changed at request.
  5. Shower Towel: If you want to use the shower facilities at VFC, please bring a towel, and any shower/personal toiletries that you will need. We have shower towels available to rent for $2.

VFC ‘Code of Conduct’

Sharing or Working in: If the gym is busy and you need to use a piece of strength training equipment that another member is using, it is perfectly fine to ask, “Do you mind if I work in?”. This means that you’ll use the equipment during his or her rest break, in between sets. (You should never interrupt someone while he or she is working out—wait until a rest break). When you are using a piece of equipment, you should get off the equipment in between your sets, or be alert for another member who might want to work in with you.

Weight plates and benches: When you are done with equipment, return all weights to their racks, and move benches back into the centre of the workout area.

Cardio equipment: Before using cardio equipment, such as treadmills, cycles or elliptical trainers, please check the sign-up board on the cardio area wall to make sure that the equipment is not reserved. If you want to reserve the equipment, just put your name and the time on the board. If another member is using the equipment during your reserved time, it’s fine to let them know that you’ve signed up for that time slot. There is a 30-minute maximum time limit on cardio equipment if someone is waiting to use it.

How to use equipment: If you have any questions about using cardio or strength training equipment, feel free to ask any VFC staff member. Even better, you should attend a weight room orientation (free for members), or consider hiring a personal trainer to set up a customized program for you, and explain how to operate the equipment safely, and in the most beneficial way.

Using equipment: Be careful when lowering weights to not drop them. It is distracting to other members yet mainly it can damage the equipment.


The staff, classes, and instructors, are excellent. A huge thank you to everyone. You are improving our lives, one class, one visit, at a time. I recommend this facility to everyone.